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Maestro Houndsinger
hand dyed paper, handmade paste paper,
found paper and acrylic on board, 24" x 12" x 2"
Sue Clancy
Cats, dogs, mice and other animals become representatives for human issues in my playful mixed media collages. We humans naturally seek patterns and stories as a way of understanding the world around us. In my work the rich textures, bright colors, detailed patterns and the titles, which are often plays on words and meanings, all contribute to the story. I've also appealed, on purpose, to our intellectual reason in asking the viewer to create with me - by using deduction - meaningful stories out of my pieces.

My images are created by hand making paper, using a variety of ancient techniques my choices of texture and patterns also are clues to story elements. Often I will hand-dye, hand-print or hand-marble the sheets of paper that are to be cut out into shapes and collaged together to create each image.

Each interlocking design and multi-layered story is created from these hundreds of smaller cut shapes. In a similar way our lives are made up of thousands of small moments which add up to make us who we are.

There's more than meets the eye with these labor intensive pieces. Schedule a viewing to see the full effect.