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Abstract detail 3
mixed media photography, 24" x 24"
Jeffrey Condit
I have always been an artist. It just took a few years (around fifty or so) to reach the point where my inner vision, experience and technology came together to allow me to produce the fine art images I create today.

In September of 2000, for the first time in thirty years, I did the unthinkable and left the studio for a 25-day trip to Italy. It was the turning point in the development of a totally new way for me to see the possibilities of the photographic process. I literally learned how to see again, immersed in the timelessness of an ancient culture. But shooting was only the beginning of this new journey.

The images I shot each day in Italy with an SX-70 Polaroid, 21/4 Holga and 35mm handheld, were coupled with a new digital workflow that I developed. Although I have always viewed the photographic process as simply a tool that helps me reach the desired image, the digital world has opened up a completely new way for me to achieve exciting results. I work with fine art papers, archival quality inks and a wide format printer along with a variety of software. I consider much of what I do to be of a post-visualization nature and am not afraid to challenge the original image. This combination of high-tech and low-tech tools along with my years of experience allow me to achieve the softer, more organic images that ultimately are more personal.

I continue to push the boundaries of my work by continually trying new things. Digital cameras and a laptop are weaving their way into the work. It’s all changing and I’m in the middle of it, changing as well. I am grateful for the experiences of the past and delight in the possibilities of the future.