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Erasing Statues
Encaustic on Panel, 36" x 24"

My encaustic work dances between figurative shapes and memories of spaces and time, informed by music and poetry. My current work has focused on landscapes I have visited near and far. I have a great appreciation for the edges created by light and shadow and the textures that repeat themselves over and over in nature. I have been describing the memories of spaces I’ve occupied that are far larger than the sum of my person and changing faster than the moment I remember.

I approach working with encaustic by utilizing traditional hot wax techniques and work with water and other organic material to introduce texture and depth to the paintings. I have worked with the encaustic medium for 8 years and enjoy the effect of working with transparent color and textured layers of wax. The encaustic medium invites a subtractive approach to painting, which is both forgiving and challenging.

Erika James